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Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique is an excellent option for anyone looking for high-quality treatment for body and soul.

Take care of your own Self

The founder of Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique believes in the principle that the first step in the change is to take responsibilty of one's life. Every person is a fluent proccess, a flowing river of change and a constalty changing constellation of possibilities. Therefore, by working on yourself and using the gift of therapy, it is possible to at every stage to develop and improve your functioning so as to derive satisfaction from life.

Body and mind

It is a comprehensive approach to treating physical and mental health. Soul and body. Because physical and mental health problems affect millions of people around the world, and Europe is no exception.

What sets us apart?

What distinguishes Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique is psychotherapy, known for its high quality and effectiveness, which gives lasting and quick effects. It is based on the Founder’s own program.

Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique offers psychotherapy, thematic trainings and workshops supported through art, dance, relaxation, proper diet, atmosphere and the unique wealth of the Region of France where the Institute is located. We will help you with the following symptoms:


Somatic symptoms in the body




Problems with sleeping


Fears and phobias


Post-traumatic stress disorder


Eating disorders




Communication difficulties


Complicated interpersonal relationships

One of the key features of Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique is a holistic approach to therapy, which also includes the creation of intuitive images, neurographic drawings, images poured using the pouring method, as well as visual arts and dance.

What can our guests expect?

In addition to the traditional form of work, Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique places great emphasis on the comfort and well-being of the people staying there. We offer the following activities:

  • Joint creation of an individualized development plan
  • Art therapy – deeper contact with yourself and your creativity
  • Music therapy
  • Water and stone therapy
  • Healing and relaxing meditations
  • Hiking
  • Swimming


Heal your body and mind with the help of the founder of Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique


Château de Brossac

Discover the unique history and magic of Château de Brossac and the surrounding area


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Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique

Le Château, 16480 Brossac, France

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