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Anne-Marie effectively finds all blockages in the mind that manifest themselves in a person in the form of diseases, poor well-being, job dissatisfaction or failed relationships.

How can Anne-Marie help you?

Institute et Clinique was created as a response to the expectations of the patients of therapist Anna Maria Miller, based on her unique gift of working with energy and several years of experience in development work with individual adults, families and youth.

By working with subtle bodies, which are the energy and spiritual levels, she achieves quick and spectacular results in healing the human body and psyche. She gained her knowledge both at prestigious universities and in individual mentoring programs as well as in personal development courses.


She studied, among other things, Coaching and Mentoring at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw and at the Psychoeducation Laboratory.


She also completed Solution Focused Brief Therapy/TSR at the Medical Staff Training and Psychotherapy Center in Warsaw and Neurolinguistic Programming at the NLP Institute in Warsaw.

The founder of Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique is close to the humanistic trend in the spirit of Milton Erikson and Steve de Shazer. She also draws on the knowledge and effects obtained through systemic psychotherapy and Gestalt psychotherapy, the principles of which she learned at the Gestalt Psychotherapy School in Warsaw.

Meditation and parallel states of consciousness

Thanks to meditation and entering parallel states of consciousness THETA of the mind, she can reach the deepest subconscious records responsible for diseases and difficulties in human life.

Neurographic drawing

In her work, she also uses neurographic drawing, which supports the therapy of the connection between consciousness and subconsciousness. Thanks to this, it is possible to gain access to the inner self, using a specific algorithm and method of drawing diagrams and line connections.

Phenomenology and multidimensional approach

The philosophy of phenomenology and the multidimensional approach that a person is a body and a soul is the motto of the work of the founder of Anne-Marie Institut et Clinique.


Inspired by numerous scientific and therapeutic fields


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