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Anne-Marie Institut Et Clinique is located in a peaceful and quiet place in the south of France, in exceptional conditions that favor regeneration, rest and soothing.

The extraordinary surroundings of Château de Brossac

It's a place of POWER where everyone who comes here will be able to reconnect with their own source of vital energy and heal their body and soul. Feel peace and harmony in the deepest layers of your own Being.

The healing water

LAPIS AQUA or AQUA CALCIS – used externally as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and drying agent. Formerly used internally for acid poisoning, limestone water acts as a catalyst of power and at the same time soothes the pain of wounds in the soul and psyche.

The fertile soils of the south

The French concept of TERROIR, extremely important in wine culture, refers to the specific properties of the soil and substrate. The Brossac area is famous for such soils. The sandstones and chalks that compose them are a binder equal to the relaxation of salty mud from the Dead Sea.

Water breaks through deposits of limestone and chalk. Rocks are rich in magnesium calcite and argonite. The water reaches mixtures of dolomite, quartz, clays, flakes and epidote. While staying in the circle of the northern tower of Château de Brossac, you can absorb all these elements, vital compounds and minerals.

The medieval town and the underground cathedral

  • On of the springs of AQUA CALCIS is located at the foot of the Catholic church, which was built in 1837 within the former fortifications from of the early 12th century of Notre Dame de Brossac. Another one is located in the castle and is covered with a well, and two are in cisterns, closed under the northern tower of Château de Brossac.
  • Not far from Château de Brossac is the medieval town of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne. It took its name from the Latin ALBA TERRA, literally meaning white earth.
  • Podziemna katedra w Aubeterre-sur-Dronne i podziemia Château de Brossac tworzą dla idei Anne-Marie Institut Et Clinique dopełnienie MOCY.
  • In the 12th century, excavation of the mountain under the castle began and a veritable monolith was created, which is the Church of Saint John, carved in the rock at a depth of 20 meters, called the Monolithic Cathedral.
  • Château de Brossac was built at that time by the de Lafaye Family, descendants of pilgrims and knights of Saint John.
  • Near Château de Brossac, in the Galliae Celticae valley, after winning the battle around 50 BC, a Roman patrician built his villa. Apparently it was Lucius Aemilius Lepidus Paullus himself.
  • This place with its soil and underground springs is a powerful catalyst that accelerates the healing processes.


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